The Sakon Difference

Part inventory. Part engine. All brains.

Sakon’s Synkronize engine brings together in one place all of the scattered, disparate elements of your global IT infrastructure, normalizes them, and makes them easy to manage – and transform.


Links source data and transaction data from network and mobile service providers, as well as HR and location information, then unifies it with service, logistics and operations desks.


Organizes, cleanses and normalizes information across geographies, carriers and currencies.


Using secure, open APIs, connects the data to purpose-built applications and a global network of help desk partners to coordinate actions and provide visibility across systems.


Applies the industry’s only proven and effective three-way match to compare assets, contracts and actual costs to drive out waste.

A Data Foundation

Driving applications and delivering intelligence.

Sakon Synkronize is the foundation and the feed for the powerful set of applications that help you manage IT lifecycle processes, from self-service ordering to bill processing to reports. 

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A Data Foundation graphic

Works across devices with persona-driven UX

Automates all IT lifecycle processes

Integrates with existing and future enterprise systems

Delivers KPI and dashboard views of all network and mobile costs


Providing continuous cost reduction.

Network and mobile expenses are two of the largest components of an enterprise IT spend. By gaining an accurate, up-to-date picture of your cost inventory, automating validation of spend via proprietary technology and combining with integrated managed services, Sakon can help reduce overspending by 20–30%. 

  • Invoice validation

  • Spend optimization

  • Carrier fulfillment validation

  • Improves contract negotiation

  • Network transformation


When you know your network, you know where you’re going.

The telecommunications infrastructure for many enterprise companies is incredibly large and constantly changing. It’s a fast-growing estate that requires the management of legacy circuits and lines, as well as newer technology supported by a vast portfolio of vendors. And today it’s on the move as things like mobile-first strategies, unified communications, Network as a Service (NaaS), Software Defined Networks (SDN) and the Internet of Things (IOT) reshape the way businesses fundamentally operate. It’s no longer simply a network, it’s a communications ecosystem. 

 Sakon gives you the insights you need to make network transformation decisions based on fact, not best guesses:

  • Analyze your current environment
  • Model what your new network looks like
  • Uncover savings to fund the transformation
  • Track progress as you transition
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